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IPL Photo Facial at Golden Health & Beauty Center

IPL Photo Facial at Golden Health & Beauty Center

IPL Photofacial Questions and Answers

Golden Health provides the IPL photofacial with the Alma laser method for sun spots, pigmentation, rosacea, and melasma. For more information, Call us or schedule an appointment online. We serve patients from Encino CA, West Hollywood CA, San Fernando CA, Culver City CA, Burbank CA, Agoura Hills CA, and Glendale CA.

IPL Photofacial Questions and Answers

Here at Golden Health, we get a lot of patients with skin issues like sun spots or hyperpigmentation, and we can help all of them thanks to the Alma laser method for IPL photofacials. It’s noninvasive, very effective, and truly revitalizing. So many patients have benefited from the treatment and we hope you’ll become our next patient here at Golden Health! Reach out to us for your IPL photofacial in Encino, CA.

How does an IPL photofacial work?

With an IPL photofacial, a patient will be able to fix certain skin issues and signs of aging. For example, hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun spots, rosacea, and redness can be fixed. The procedure is entirely noninvasive, so it’s safer and has virtually no side effects, especially when compared to injections or surgery.

The IPL photofacial procedure gently emits pulses of light energy into the skin. It can target very specific areas like dark spots or tiny blood vessels, and after the procedure, the skin is left looking refreshed! The technology is both gentle and versatile, so it can be used on most areas of the face.

What is Alma Beauty Rejuvenation?

Alma Beauty Rejuvenation is a broad term for a number of treatments for the body and face, including the Alma method for IPL photofacials. With the Alma method, facial treatments are suitable for most skin types and even thin or delicate areas of the face!

The Alma method uses AFT™ technology (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) which is an advanced form of IPL technology (intense pulsed light technology). With AFT technology, there are a number of benefits such as increased safety for the patient and enhanced results. It’s true that the results can be better with AFT because the technology converts unused UV light to the optimal spectrum, which increases the efficiency of the treatment.

Which patients are the best candidates for an IPL photofacial?

The best candidates for treatment are those looking for a noninvasive, safe method for improving skin issues or signs of aging, such as rosacea or sun spots. The Alma method is especially safe and effective, so you can have confidence in the technology. You can also have confidence in the abilities of our professionals here at Golden Health!

With the Alma method, there is virtually no risk of damage to your skin, as the method targets specific areas and leaves the surrounding skin alone. The procedure is just fine even for patients with dark, tanned, or thin skin! A procedure is very effective too, and generally, patients need only several treatments for the best results. We’d be delighted to tell you everything else about the treatment during a consultation with us here at Golden Health.

Where can I get an IPL photofacial in Encino, CA?

You can come right to us here at Golden Health & Beauty Center at 16661 Ventura Blvd STE 700 Encino, CA 91436. During a consultation, we’ll discuss your aesthetic goals with you along with your options for treatment, including the Alma method for IPL photofacials! To book that appointment with us, please contact us at either (818) 322-0281. You’re also welcome to book your appointment online.

We look forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals here at Golden Health & Beauty Center!