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Spider Vein Removal at Golden Health & Beauty Center

Spider Vein Removal at Golden Health & Beauty Center

Spider Vein Removal Procedure Questions and Answers

If you want to have your spider veins treated, then we can take care of them here at Golden Health & Beauty Center. We provide spider vein removal in Encino, CA. For more information, Call us or schedule an appointment online. We serve patients from Encino CA, Sherman Oaks CA, Studio City CA, Woodland Hills CA, Calabasas CA, West Hollywood CA, and San Fernando CA.

Spider Vein Removal Procedure Questions and Answers

If you’re one of the many people who find their spider veins unsightly, then you’ll be happy to hear that treatment is really easy and entirely noninvasive! With Alma laser treatment, spider veins are destroyed with harmless light energy. Your skin will hardly be touched! If that sounds simple enough, then Alma laser treatment is for you. For Alma laser spider vein removal in Encino CA, come see us here at Golden Health.

How can I get rid of spider veins?

It’s actually really easy to get rid of spider veins, and the easiest and noninvasive option is laser treatment. It uses pulses of light energy to destroy the veins without harming the skin. The spider veins absorb the energy, collapse, and become blanched. After, all that’s visible is healthy, radiant skin!

Many patients require only one treatment to get rid of spider veins, and the most a patient would ever need is 3. Results are immediate and long-lasting. Even some varicose veins can be treated with the laser method—that’s how effective it is!

Is it safe to have spider veins treated?

Yes, absolutely! The alternative option to laser treatment is sclerotherapy, but it’s a minimally invasive procedure, so it can have some side effects like bruising, swelling, and discoloration. With laser treatment, the procedure is entirely noninvasive, virtually pain-free, and comparatively effective. There are next to no side effects either. Also, laser treatment is recommended for smaller spider veins or facial spider veins, so for these, it’s the best option.

The treatment is safe for your skin too. The energy waves target only the area under the skin’s surface, leaving the top layer of skin untouched. You’ll be left with beautiful skin and no skin damage. The procedure is safe for just about every skin type too! It’s worth noting that your body won’t miss the spider veins either. After the treatment and when the spider veins have collapsed, your body will start routing blood through healthier veins.

A simple laser treatment is really quick, so you could have it done during a lunch break. Just 30 minutes, then you’re good to go. And right after a treatment, you’ll be able to return to your normal activities. It really is as simple as that.

What method do you use for spider vein treatment?

Here at Golden Health, we use the Alma laser treatment method. With this particular method, the treatment is viable for almost all skin types and even areas with thin skin.

The Alma method uses AFT™ technology (Advanced Fluorescence Technology). This is an advanced kind of IPL technology (intense pulsed light technology). Simple light pulses, that’s all! The Alma method is especially safe and effective, so we’re proud to be able to provide it here at our beauty center.

Where can I get spider vein removal in Encino, CA?

You can get Alma laser spider vein removal right here at Golden Health & Beauty Center. We’re located over at 16661 Ventura Blvd STE 700 Encino CA 91436, and you can reach us at (818) 322-0281. Give us a call and book a simple consultation with us. We’ll tell you everything you want to know about the Alma method.

We hope to hear from you soon here at Golden Health!