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Xeomin Injections Questions and Answers

Are you looking for Xeomin Injections near you in Encino, CA? Golden Health offers safe & effective solutions to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. For more information, Call us or schedule an appointment online. We serve patients from Encino CA, Sherman Oaks CA, Studio City CA, Woodland Hills CA, Calabasas CA, West Hollywood CA, and San Fernando CA.

Xeomin Injections – Golden Health & Beauty Center in Encino, CA
Xeomin Injections – Golden Health & Beauty Center in Encino, CA

Table of Contents:

How It Helps?
Why Should You Opt For Xeomin?
After Your Treatment

Possible Side Effects
Before You Proceed
Why Choose Us?

Xeomin is a type of botulism toxin used as an injectable for skin rejuvenation. It blocks the mobility of the muscles responsible for wrinkles, thereby preventing them from forming. Unlike other fillers, it doesn’t target existing wrinkles by filling them in, but instead prevents further folds and frown lines. The ingredients used in Xeomin are the same as for BOTOX, though they’re more purified.

How It Helps?

Xeomin treatment can be extremely useful for treating a number of things. These include:
-Chronic drooling (sialorrhea) caused by the salivary glands
-Muscle stiffness of the arm due to upper limb spasticity
-Neck pain and abnormal head position due to cervical dystonia
-Eyelid spasms (blepharospasm) caused by previous BOTOX treatment

Why Should You Opt For Xeomin?

Using this injectable comes with a lot of perks:

Clinically Effective: As an FDA approved and clinically tested toxin, Xeomin is immensely effective for reducing and eliminating frown lines and wrinkles.

Safer Than Botox: Because it’s highly purified, the Xeomin toxin doesn’t contain any additives and is thus safer for you. This also reduces the chances of developing an allergic reaction.

Reversible: While it’s great for temporarily smoothening out lines and wrinkles, you can have the treatment reversed if you’re not happy with the results. Moreover, the treatment will help you decide whether you’d like another area treated as well.

Less Expensive: Since it doesn’t require refrigeration, it’s easy to both store and transport, making it a less costly and more convenient procedure.

Quick Results: It usually takes between one to ten days for results to appear. These can last for up to 4 months.

Quick Treatment & Recovery: As an outpatient procedure, there is minimal downtime and you can resume your daily activities shortly after your session.

After Your Treatment

Post-treatment care is important to ensure positive results. Avoid rubbing or scratching the site that has been injected to keep it from becoming inflamed. It’s also recommended to stay clear of direct heat or sunlight as this can slow down the Xeomin toxins from binding.

Possible Side Effects

Patients may experience the following side effects after receiving Xeomin treatment:
-Dry mouth
-Discomfort at the injection site
-Neck pain
-Eye problems
-Muscle weakness
-Allergic reaction to the Xeomin ingredients

Before You Proceed

Although there isn’t a set requirement for who may be eligible for Xeomin injectables, you should inform your doctor if you experience the following medical conditions:
-Bleeding problems
-Breathing difficulties
-Drooping eyelids
-Former/potential facial surgery
-Muscular disease
-Swallowing difficulties
-Nerve disease
-Side effects from previous botulinum toxin injectables

Why Choose Us?

If you’re in search of a renowned clinic for your Xeomin treatment, look no further than Golden Health & Beauty Center. Supervised by Dr. Nikaeen, our medical spa offers carefully designed and FDA-approved skin rejuvenation services. This includes Xeomin, which is used to ward off aging symptoms safely and effectively. The procedure is authorized only after thorough assessments and evaluations of the clients to ensure they aren’t at any risk.

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