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Laser Skin Resurfacing at Golden Health & Beauty Center

Laser Skin Resurfacing at Golden Health & Beauty Center

Laser Skin Resurfacing Questions and Answers

Here at Golden Health & Beauty Center, you’ll be able to get laser skin resurfacing in Encino, CA. Laser skin resurfacing is an effective treatment that can improve skin flaws such as wrinkles, sun damage, stretch marks & more. For more information, Call us or schedule an appointment online. We serve patients from Encino CA, West Hollywood CA, San Fernando CA, Culver City CA, Burbank CA, Agoura Hills CA, and Glendale CA.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Questions and Answers

There are so many reasons why laser skin resurfacing has become so popular. For one, it’s amazingly effective for many patients. They’re left with healthier, brighter, more youthful looking skin, all without the serious side effects from invasive treatments. Additionally, today’s technology can treat virtually any skin type.

If you’ve been looking for a provider of laser skin resurfacing in Encino CA, then get in touch with us here at Golden Health & Beauty Center, or keep reading to learn all about the many other benefits of laser treatment!

What is laser skin resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing (also known as a laser peel) is a simple treatment for facial wrinkles and skin irregularities. The treatment can work for so many different issues with the skin, even deeper wrinkles and acne scarring. The technique uses a harmless laser to treat the skin and resurface it.

With the laser resurfacing technique, only a specific area of the skin is targeted, leaving the surrounding areas practically untouched. The problem areas are subjected to concentrated pulsating beams of light, precisely treating the skin a layer at a time. After a treatment, the patient is left with new, healthier layers of skin, and the skin issues will be reduced drastically! After several treatments over time, the skin issues could go away entirely.

How does erbium laser skin resurfacing work?

This particular method of laser skin resurfacing is our preferred method here at Golden Health. We prefer erbium laser resurfacing because it is especially effective for the majority of patients out there. The technique is ideal for treating common surface-level and moderately deep lines and wrinkles, and it can also provide patients with a facelift. The treatment works for the hands, chest, neck, and face.

When compared to other techniques, the erbium laser technique has very minimal burning of surrounding tissue. There are fewer side effects too! There is considerably less swelling, redness, and bruising when compared to a technique like CO2 laser resurfacing. This means that with erbium laser skin resurfacing, your recovery time will be less—often just one week!

Who are the best candidates for erbium laser skin resurfacing?

There are many benefits of erbium laser resurfacing, another of which is that it can often be used for darker skin tones! With other resurfacing techniques, patients with darker skin tones might not be considered good candidates. But with the erbium technique, these patients won’t necessarily be turned away!

With erbium resurfacing, your skin tone is often not an issue, so if you have fine lines, wrinkles, shallow acne scarring, irregular pigmentation, large pores, or other issues, you’ll be a great candidate. The erbium resurfacing technique is noninvasive too, making it the preferred choice for patients who want the simplest and safest of treatment. If all that sounds good to you, then reach out to us here at Golden Health!

Where can I get laser skin resurfacing in Encino, CA?

You can get erbium laser skin resurfacing done right here at Golden Health in Encino, CA! We’re located over at 16661 Ventura Blvd STE 700 Encino, CA 91436. We welcome you to contact us for a consultation. During your appointment, we’ll discuss your aesthetic goals as well as your candidacy for skin resurfacing. Please contact us at either (818) 322-0281.

We look forward to seeing you soon here at Golden Health & Beauty Center!