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Emsculpt Treatments at Golden Health & Beauty Center

Emsculpt Treatments at Golden Health & Beauty Center

Emsculpt Treatment Questions and Answers

Learn more about weight loss in targeted areas today with Emsculpt. Golden Health & Beauty Center is located in Encino, CA and is here to help you with your aesthetic goals. For more information, call us now or schedule an appointment online.

Emsculpt Treatment Near Me in Encino, CA
Emsculpt Treatment Near Me in Encino, CA

What is Emsculpt treatment?

Emsculpt is a relatively new treatment that has been designed for weight loss in targeted areas of the body that are popular areas where people want to lose weight. It is an electromagnetic procedure that is non-invasive and has been FDA-approved for use on the abs and butt. The procedure is performed by having a machine hooked up to the parts of your body being treated and then electromagnetic pulses are passed through your muscle fibres to cause your muscles to rapidly contract. This rapid contraction of the muscles not only strengthens the muscles, but it also causes them to release chemicals to the surrounding fat cells that signal them to break down. The machine causes the targeted muscles to do roughly 20,000 contractions in a 30-minute session, far more contractions than anyone could ever achieve by doing squats or full crunches in the same amount of time.

What areas can be treated with Emsculpt?

Emsculpt has been designed and FDA-approved for use on the abdominal and glute muscles – or the abs and butt. These areas commonly store excess fat cells and can be the hardest areas to tone out. The most successful treatments are on patients who are relatively fit that are having trouble losing fat in these stubborn areas no matter how much exercise they do or how on point their diet is. Emsculpt is not recommended for people who have a lot of fat all over their body, as the results will not be as significant or noticeable.

How much weight can you lose with Emsculpt?

Emsculpt works by strengthening the muscles through rapid contractions, which in turn breaks down fat cells in the targeted area. This will result in the abs or butt, depending on the treated area, to lean out and show off more toned muscle. The results will be visible and measurable in terms of inches lost and improvement in the firmness of the targeted area. Results will vary by person, based on their current strength and fat cells in these areas, as well as their response to the treatment. In terms of weight lost, patients will most likely not see much change, if any, to their weight on a scale. They could potentially see an increase due to the increased muscle mass built as a result of the electromagnetic pulses.

Are Emsculpt results permanent?

Emsculpt results are based on the body’s ability to build and strengthen muscles in the targeted area and break down fat cells. Emsculpt will not work as a standalone weight loss or fat loss treatment; patients will need to continue to exercise and eat a proper diet of healthy, whole foods in order to get the maximum benefits from an Emsculpt treatment. Emsculpt results are not permanent, and many patients find the results can last for anywhere from six months to a year. Depending on a person’s activity level and workout intensity, they may be able to maintain their results longer and potentially permanently by keeping up their muscle tone.

How soon do you see results from Emsculpt?

Emsculpt results are not instantaneous and typically take a few weeks to show up initially. Results will continue to improve over the course of the next few months following treatment, with full results typically showing up by the six-month mark. Every individual’s result will be different, therefore can take different lengths of time to see noticeable results, as well as the final results. For Emsculpt to be effective, patients will need to continue to exercise and follow a healthy nutrition plan as part of their fat loss treatment plan to ensure that new fat cells don’t form to replace the ones that were broken down by the electromagnetic pulses.

Does Emsculpt tighten loose skin?

Emsculpt works by strengthening the muscles that receive the electromagnetic pulses to help burn off fat in the targeted area. Patients can expect to appear leaner as a result from Emsculpt treatment, however, Emsculpt cannot tighten loose skin. If you are looking for a treatment for loose skin, talk to your doctor or dermatologist about other types of procedures that are available and effective to tighten your skin.

How often can you do Emsculpt?

Emsculpt treatments are recommended to be performed in fairly rapid succession in order to see initial result. The optimal timing is to have 4 30-minute sessions completed over the span of two weeks but each person receiving treatment will be different based on their individual needs and desired results. Emsculpt results will typically last for six months to a year, depending on the individual and how focused they are with their fitness and nutrition to maintain their results. After your initial treatment, maintenance procedures can be performed as needed roughly every six months to a year. Provided patients have stayed active and kept their nutrition in check, maintenance procedures will be less intense than the initial treatment. If you are interested in Emsculpt, then contact our team of leading healthcare professionals today at Golden Health & Beauty Center to learn more about the benefits of the treatment. We are home to a leading team of professionals and cutting-edge technology that will help have you looking and feeling your best! Book an appointment with us today: We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. We serve patients from Encino CA, Sherman Oaks CA, Studio City CA, Woodland Hills CA, Calabasas CA, West Hollywood CA, and San Fernando CA.