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Hydrafacial Faq’s

Hydrafacial Faq’s

Hydrafacial Faq’s

Frequently Asked Question about Hydrafacial in Encino, CA 

Who Can Be Treated With A Hydrafacial?

Anyone looking to correct acne, impurities or dull skin. It is also safe for pregnant women *2 steps will be omitted.

Why Is Your Hydrafacial Better Than A Traditional Facial?

At Golden Health & Beauty Center, we want services that product results. So that’s why our menu options reflect services that get the CHANGE in your skin. The Hydrafacial is powerful in producing results without getting red, irritated or blotchy skin post facial.

Does Hydrafacial Cause Pain Or Irritation?

No. Our HydraFacial MD can be customized to be gentle or deeply exfoliating per your request.

How Soon Will I See Results From My Hydrafacial?


What Should I Do To Get Ready For My Treatment?

No pre-prep is needed. Please make sure you do not have a sunburn on your desired treated areas before your appointment.

What Can’t I Do Post Hydrafacial Md Treatment?

You may return to normal activities or travel post treatment.

What Is The Follow Up Care Of Hydrafacial?

No special post treatment care is needed.

When Should I Get My Next Hydrafacial?

We recommend one visit each month.

Can I Get A Hydrafacial Before A Special Event Or Travel?

Yes! Because HydraFacial is gentle while effective, you are able to go to your special event, or back to work right after your HydraFacial treatment.

Is There Any Downtime From Hydrafacial?

There is no downtime post treatment with the HydraFacial . This truly is a glow and go facial.

Who Should Not Get The Hydrafacial Treatment?

Those with an allergy to shellfish, pregnant or lactating mothers who do not want any steps omitted, and those who are prone to herpes outbreaks would not be suitable candidates for the HydraFacial .

What Are The Common Side Effects Of Hydrafacial?

There are no side effects from our Hydrafacial